POULTRY INDONESIA, Bekasi – More than 30 years ago, there is a young man who is all-well-off. Today he transformed as a famous figure in the world of poultry. But who would have thought, in the middle of the journey of his life, precisely when studying in Semarang, his parents’ efforts had declined. In order to survive as a boarding child, he was willing to trade and perform various ways that he could. This condition is different when his parents’ efforts are still shining. Sometimes, God’s way is difficult to predict in directing one’s way of life.
Such is a bit of introduction to the life of Bambang Krista, one of the pioneer figures of the country. In addition to active as Chairman of the Association of Local Chicken Breeding Indonesia (GAPALI), Bambang Krista has long been in the chicken world since the early 90s. Bambang was born and raised in Solo City, Central Java. From elementary to high school, all were rescued in his hometown.
Since young Bambang aspires to be an engineering engineer. However, fate keeps saying something else. Three times Bambang enrolled as a prospective engineering student of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), but the hunt always failed. “Since graduation I enrolled in ITB, but not escaped, who escaped even farm Undip. Yes I have entered the Undip rather than not in college, “said Bambang at his farm located in Cileungsi, Bogor, Friday (5/1).
It turns out that Bambang’s spirit to become a student of ITB is still on, even though Bambang has been a student at Diponegoro University (Undip). A year later Bambang tried his luck again to enter ITB, until the third time always failed. “At that time I was thinking, maybe God is more willing if I at Undip farm, I finally try to accept it,” explained this Javanese man. His unfaithfulness of living as a ranch student, making his lecture not run smoothly. The value is ugly, his life as a student precisely fall into the black valley. “At that time, my youth was ugly, his hobby was drinking. Once, there was an incident that made me kapok and finally trying to live a more straight life, “said Bambang. The downturn at the time was exacerbated by the efforts of parents to decline, to make it conscious that life must go on. At that point, Bambang tried to move to become a person who is more responsible for himself. “I sell shoes and others to support myself, when I did not want to ask for money to parents,” he recalled.
No reason
After graduating from Undip Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bambang traveled to Jakarta. Either because it has become the fate line, the father of three children who since college did not like this poultry, it works in the poultry sector. “I was in college did not understand the poultry world because it does not like. Hence the first time work, I do not understand at all what I should do, “he recalled. Bambang did not run out of mind during his first days of work. Armed with the title of the farm engine he bears, certainly make him have to keep the prestige in front of the children of the cage. His tactics by telling the kennels to prepare preparations how to chick in and so on run successful. “At first there is a joke, he said not yet time to chick in kok must be prepared this,” said Bambang follow the words of one child’s cage.
Bambang who is cleverly authoritative replied that he wanted to see the children of the cage in preparing the cage as what so far, whether it is appropriate theory that has been in the lecture or not. “When in fact I do not know what to start if chick in. But in order to maintain my self-esteem, I am looking for a way to not impress me that engineer who does not understand anything, “he said.
After looking carefully at what the cage did in preparing everything, Bambang then repeated it at night. “So this way, noon I see them prepare this, in the evening I repeat again as they fall asleep. I finally got to understand, but also not feel ashamed, “he told Poultry Indonesia while chuckling.
Experience chicken farming has brought Bambang to a better life.
Pioneering chicken business
The owner of Citra Lestari Farm started a chicken business since the early 90’s. Armed with work experience in poultry companies, Bambang ventured to pioneer chicken business. At that time he maintains a broiler (broiler). “The capacity of the cage at that time 4 thousand head, but I only fill 2 thousand tail,” he said. Bambang admitted that the experience of working in poultry company made him get a lot of knowledge of the method of cultivation. That’s what makes his business run smoothly until many open the cage every year. “Until 1997 the business went well, but when it happened monetary crisis that made my business also collapse, “recalls Bambang.
Bambang told, initially, the monetary crisis did not make him flinch. He believes that his efforts will continue to run despite the storm crisis hit Indonesia at that time. “I mistakenly suspect, I think this food business will continue to grow because it is impossible for people not to eat. But the selling price is low and can not close the production cost, “he said. Bambang was wrong in analyzing the rising dollar exchange rate which affected the rising of feed ingredients, to make the price of feed soaring high. That fact can not be ignored. Feed already entered the cage should be paid immediately. “Within a week my car was sold out to cover the debt, the rest I tube to meet daily needs,” he said. After the destruction of the business at that time, Bambang stopped completely in breeding broiler. In a difficult situation, Bambang opened a small shop to survive. “At that time the most important kitchen still ngebul. I am selling motorcycles. Working on a broiler partnership I also do, “he said. Fate line should be close to the chicken is proven. Now, his efforts in raising local chickens into the main business wheel. Falling up in raising chickens since the 90s took him as one of the poultry figures whose name is well known in the national poultry business. Citra Lestari Farm is now an inspiration for many people, has regularly held workshops on the procedure of raising local chickens. “Every two months Citra Lestari Farm held a workshop, for two days they live here,” he said. Bambang said that the workshop participants come from diverse scientific backgrounds and diverse regional origin. “There are even those from Malaysia and Brunei who have attended the training here,” he said. Bambang admitted happy to share knowledge to anyone. “A lot of young people from urban areas are now willing to learn livestock and dirty-dirt in the cage. I quite often find participants who come from the city and not a farm degree, “said the bespectacled man.