Representing NC State CVM, Dean Paul Lunn (left) and Zone Director for Latin America Ceva Animal Health, Jean-Charles Tissot (right). (Photo: John Joyner / NC State Veterinary Medicine)
POULTRY INDONESIA – North Carolina (NC) State College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and Ceva Animal Health collaborate in a distance learning program that certifies poultry health management for veterinarians in Latin America.
“This is a great opportunity for higher education to improve skills through veterinary training that is expected to make changes in the field of food security, which is a global problem,” said CVM representative Dean Paul Lunn.
Meanwhile, Jean-Charles Tissot, Zone Director for Latin America’s Ceva Animal Health, expressed his appreciation for the openness of the college towards this cooperation. “This program is a pioneer that will impact global issues in a responsible, socially and ethically responsible way,” said Jean-Charles Tissor at the inauguration ceremony between the two sides in North Carolina, 2).
The 18-month course includes online course material and on-site components, and then concludes with a two-week learning session at CVM. The CVM Faculty with Ceva will develop the learning content.
Ceva and NC State designed the program and awarded the Specialist in Poultry Medicine (SPM) certificate to allow veterinarians who work to continue additional training, to keep up with the latest knowledge updates, while maintaining their professional responsibilities.