Rangkaian acara peresmian gedung baru kerja sama CPI dan IPB.
Strengthen cooperation in education sector, PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia and Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) inaugurated the new building of Bogor Agricultural University Business School (SB-IPB) on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 at SB-IPB Building, Jl. Raya Pajajaran, Bogor. The new building, called Building C, is an extension of the old SB-IPB building which consists of Building A and Building B. Building C SB-IPB has 3 floors with an area of ​​about 2,000 meters consisting of classrooms, discussion rooms, auditoriums, libraries, and office room.
SB-IPB new building was directly inaugurated by T. Hadi Gunawan as President Commissioner of CPI and Dr. Arif Satria as the Rector of IPB. Present at the event, the leaders of IPB, Dean SB-IPB namely Prof. Noer Azam Achsani as the host, and other IPB officials as well as undergraduate students Business, Business Master, Doctoral Business Management and alumni SB-IPB.
The building will also be dedicated to the late Jiacipto Jiaravanon who is the Executive Chairman of Charoen Pokphand Group Indonesia as a form of respecting and commemorating the services that have been done as one of the successor generation Leader of Charoen Pokphand Group Indonesia.
Jiacipto is known as a leader who has implemented a Sincere and Smart Leadership pattern during the lead of Charoen Pokphand Group Indonesia.
On the same occasion, the CPI provided 8.6 billion and lasting funds or sustainable funds to IPB of Rp 3 billion as a real form of support and commitment of Jiacipto Jiaravanon family in supporting the learning process in IPB.
Building IPB-CPI is also dedicated to the deceased Jiacipto Jiaravanon, Executive Chairman of Charoen Pokphand Group Indonesia.
Business research center
The construction of the new SB-IPB building is used for lectures and business research centers in the hope of making a positive contribution. Construction of the new building has been initiated since 2015. CPI’s collaboration with IPB not just this time, but has been going on for quite a while. Some of them are scholarship grants to students of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine at IPB, the cage grant is closed house as teaching farm to IPB which is used for practicum of students and lecturers, also used for research as well as added value for IPB, and a number of other cooperation.
“The synergy between academia, the private, the government, and the community will be a tremendous strength. So the collaboration between IPB and CPI we put in the framework to develop the synergy to respond to changes that occur, “said Arif.
According to him, now we have to look at various changes that exist, such as in the field of technology, environment, demographic structure, and geopolitical shifts where Asia will become a new world power. “If we are out of date, then we will have no relevance. So we must immediately look at the change and then took various parties to work together, “said Arif.
In the process of transformation or change, according to Arif, we must also pay attention to the environment. Not just think how business continues to grow. “We also have to think how society can prosper, environment awake, and all that in order to maintain sustainability,” continued Arif. Thus, welfare awake, environment awake, and business can also grow. “It’s all done because, once again, it’s between business, government, academia, and the community we should synergize. Hopefully the facilities in this new building can support business education, “lid Arif.
Building C SB-IPB.
Developing livestock industry
The series of new SB-IPB building inauguration ceremonies also held a generium studium or public lecture delivered by T. Hadi Gunawan, President Commissioner of CPI, with the topic “A Smart and Smart Leadership Role in Improving Competitiveness of Companies in PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia” and by The Minister of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration of RI represented by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Forestry, Anwar Sanusi with the theme “Strengthening Government-Private University-Private Collaboration in Building the Village.” This session was guided by Arief Daryanto who is a lecturer at SB-IPB.
Studium generale by T. Hadi Gunawan.
Hadi in his presentation convey the development of CPI from year to year as one of the major companies that play a role in the poultry industry in Indonesia. “CPI also supports the government’s policy in the effort of self-sufficiency of corn,” he said. Some of the steps taken by the CPI to support it, among others, CPI prioritizes buying local corn that is eligible for feed mill needs because the quality of local corn is fresher than imported maize, participating in encouraging farmers to grow corn for Indonesia to be self-sufficient, and providing driers as post-harvest corn processing facilities so that farmers can directly selling his corn crop to the nearest factory. Generale’s study by T. Hadi Gunawan “We hope that all parties (academics, entrepreneurs, government and society) can work together to protect and promote the national poultry industry in order to continue to be self-sufficient.” This can be done by modernizing the national poultry industry in order to increase productivity, efficiency, competitiveness and added value. In addition, Hadi revealed that CPI has a principle that will be developed if the community develops. CPI realized to be able to grow, the company must hold the world of education, especially Higher Education as a center of Research and development of Human Resources, and to realize it PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia through Charoen Pokphand Foundation has been doing activities in the world of education, such as children’s program, Early Childhood (PAUD), providing scholarships to 12 universities, Bakti’s program to Master, to a closed house chicken coop grant to 5 universities. Adv