Masyarakat khawatir akan isu telur palsu
POULTRY INDONESIA – The spread of fake chicken eggs circulating in the community responded by various circles. In his statement, a lecturer of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of IPB, Dr. drh. Deny Widaya Lukman said that until this moment there is no human technology that can make the chicken egg shell and its contents. “Information about fake eggs circulating in the community clearly is not true, misleading, and slanderous,” he said.
In viral videos circulating on social media see that there is plastic inside the egg shell. In fact, according to Deny, it is not a plastic but an eggshell membrane that protects the contents of the egg. “So inside the eggs there are two layers of membrane, the outer contact with the eggshell and the inside that contact with egg whites,” explained Deny.
In line with Deny Widaya, Agung Perdana who is an eggs breeder feel disturbed by the emergence of the issue of fake chicken eggs. According to this issue should be straightened and clarified. “The original egg period is said to be eggs plastic, this is quite disturbing for us the producers of chicken eggs,” said Agung. Not much different, the Director General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture, I Ketut Diarmita in response to the spread of fake chicken eggs, he explicitly explained that there are no fake eggs. “Just the issue, there is no fake chicken eggs on the market,” he said.